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Retractable Awning Motorization & Mounting Options


Industry research has found that consumers are 4 times more likely to use their retractable awning when it has been motorized with a Somfy motor than compared to a non-motorized retractable. A Somfy motor can make moving your retractable flawless and convenient. Somfy’s motors are UL recognized (underwriters laboratory) and are CSA approved (Canadian Standards Association).

The Somfy motors are fully contained with in the roller tube of the awning for a clean installation that blends in with your home. They are sealed so they require no maintenance for years of trouble free use.

Mounting Options

Alexander Awnings offers a variety of mounting options to best suit your home.

In situations where there is plenty of wall height, the awning is typically mounted between 8 and 9 feet from the surface of your patio.

Sometimes the best option for mounting is using soffit brackets attached to the roof rafters of your home. This method is a good one when the wall mount option is not possible.

On vinyl siding, the best option is often installing a capped header on your home before mounting the awning. This is a stronger mounting option with better overall appearance.

When mounting on brick under a soffit, these blocks are used to ensure a secure installation. The blocks allow lags to be anchored into lower bricks that are much stronger than the top few layers of brick. A minimum of 7′ 8″ between the patio surface and the soffit is recommended.

If your home has a low soffit that does not allow the awning to be installed under the soffit, consider a roof mount. Adjustable stainless brackets mount to the top of the rafters and a proper installation ensures there will be no water leaks.

See our Gallery for more mounting option images.